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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beauty, sweetness, wonder

Isn't this an awesome photo? A little while ago, I was working in the den and could hear a cardinal chirping away out front. I figured it was on the power lines, but went to look. He was bouncing around in the magnolia tree. I took this looking sideways out the front window so I wouldn't scare him away. He was plucking petals off the flowers, and trying to pull the buds off the branches.

This little guy was snooping around the trunk of the tree. I think I saw him out back yesterday, nibbling dry grass near the driveway. I took his photo through the storm door, but then did venture out to see if I could get a better photo. He didn't run too far, but didn't want to pose anymore, either.
Last year Greg found a bunny nest in a depression in the yard - wonder where they'll be this year?

Finally, the tree is pretty much all bloomed. The flowers usually get either frozen or hailed upon. We're supposed to have heavy rains tonight, but it's not going to be hot enough today for hail.


Barbara Allen Moore said...

These pictures are awesome! Recently we were outside and Vivi was sitting on the sidewalk watching the birds and just getting used to the outdoors again when one of the squirrels came running out of our tree. He stopped and stared at Vivi for a few minutes then all of a sudden he began doing back flips, summersaults, rolling in the dirt, digging holes and squirming in them, jumping in the air and so on. She was thrilled and was squeling, the more noise she made the more funny he got. I guess they were "playing together". Then a few days later we were at the park having a snack and enjoying the good weather when a little squirrel came running up to us about a foot and half away. He stared at Vivi then went into some of the same antics that the other had. She was so excited! So he stayed and showed off for a while the he went over to a tree next to us, dugg up a nut, climbed the tree and had his own lunch. Vivi was enthralled and kept trying to get him to come down with alot of baby chatter. I have to say those were very unusual things to happen but I guess small animals call to each other in some way whether human or not. She still looks for the little guy in our yard each time we go out.

Heidi said...

Wow! What beautiful photos Tammy, especially that cardinal. I miss seeing them as there is no such thing here in Holland. Enjoy spring starting in your garden.