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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Has it Sprung?

(quote by Aristotle)
We all want to believe that Spring has arrived and will stay for a few months. I think she's just visiting, teasing, and will go away, laughing at our disappointment. Everyone will be cranky when she goes, but we'll welcome her back with delight when she returns, whether it is to tease again, or to stay for good.
This photo is my magnolia tree, taken this morning. It'll be blooming soon, then when the flowers fade, the leaves come on. It's gotten big enough to screen the entire North side of the front deck, offering a haven for those little birds who sing and flitter about, driving the cats crazy as they watch through the window.
I'm really aching to get some gardening going, but I do know better. Today I will clean up some more of the dead brown leavings from last summer, and bide my time until the bulbs come up. The hyacinth started up in January, then winter finally showed up and I'm worried they won't bloom now.
I do plan to have a small vegetable garen this year, in addition to my herbs, so there is lots of work to do to prepare for that. And I may be getting a small gazebo soon, so there will be a new area to landscape around.

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