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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas morning, 1970

Here it is - the famous (infamous) mini-bike we got from "Santa". (Pay no attention to the high-water plaid pants [OMG!] or the plaid ponchos - more about those in a minute...) The mini-bike that launched the boys' racing careers. The mini-bike that taught me how to drive a clutch before I knew how to drive. (To this day, I prefer a manual transmission.)

I learned to ride that mini-bike in about a minute, and LOVED it. We used to load it up on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and take it out to Hurbut's where they had a dirt track right next to the highway. I remember loving the speed and the control I had over the bike - then Dad jumped in front of me and yelled to "SLOW DOWN!!". Years later I found out he only did this because Mom was having a panic attack about how fast I was going. Turns out, he wanted me to race, but Mom said NO.

For all you safety buffs out there, yes, we wore a helmet. A very good quality helmet. As far as I remember, none of us got hurt on that motorcycle. (Later Dad traded it in for a little 4-wheeler go-cart type of thing, and Tonita ran over Arlan with that. And Alan and Randy would have their share of injuries from racing. And surgeries. Alan would have surgeries. But no one got hurt on the mini-bike.)

Anyway, back to Christmas morning. Us kids (is that even grammatically correct?) would always get up about 4 a.m. to see what Santa left us since our big gifts were never wrapped. I think I'd just fallen asleep when the boys were in our room to wake up Tonita and me. We all went out to the living room and were stunned. Then Randy went in to Mom and Dad's room and said, "Daddy! Santa brought you a new motorcycle!". :o) I'm sure to him, that bike looked huge.

Now for those plaid pixie-hat ponchos. I don't know why. Yes, we wore them to school. No, they were not warm. Were they the fashion for 1970? Again, I don't know. Obviously, plaid was "in" (those pants, ugh). I'd love to hear if you had plaid. Please share my pain.

More vintage Christmas next week!


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Yes plaid was very much in style. I was in high school and I had plaid, hip-hugger, bellbottom slacks, a red plaid mini skirt and a red plaid pleated ankle length skirt. I think the reason was because of some rock bands from Scotland and Ireland. I have a vague memory of those plaid ponchos. The next year everything was very "hippy" meaning empire waist long dresses, peasant clothes, and hand crocheted sweaters and ponchos of which I made several. But I made most all my clothes in those days. If you find a photo of me in any of those items please resist the need to post it. I already feel embarrased over the paisley hip-hugger bell bottoms with the full circle bell. Ewwwww....

Bobbi and Kurt said...

Sorry Tammy, but if that was the fashion in 1970, I am glad I wasn't born until 1971! I do remember having a purple crocheted poncho when I was about 5. I loved it. When we lived on our farm, we got one of the dirt bikes you had. It was a yellow one. Dad attached a basket on the front so we could go to the neighbor's farm for our milk. I was too little to drive it though.