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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some vintage Christmas

This photo is from Christmas 1970. I would have been 9, Tonita, 8, Alan, 6, Arlan, 5, and Randy, 4. This was taken on Christmas Eve after church. See how sleepy Randy looks? I remember I had a hard time getting to sleep that night, and heard "Santa" putting our gift under the tree. I was so excited I was sick!
The plaques on the wall behind the tree were painted by Mom in her ceramics class. I don't know where they are now - I don't remember having them when she passed away, but I had her sisters come in and take things they wanted, and those may have been among those things. I think they had flowers in the center. I don't know whose handprints are on the other wall, but I'll guess they were Randy's from preschool.

That wallpaper was supposed to look like wood panelling. I remember when Mom put that up. Didn't Phyllis help? Or maybe Jane, our neighbor. Anyway, Mom was always decorating, making our house a cozy home. That room had real wood floors that Mom would strip and wax every now and then. They covered those floors with carpet when they remodeled a few years later.
Tomorrow I'll show you what "Santa" brought us that year. It was probably the best gift we ever got. :o)


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Mom waxed all her wood floors as well. There was a real science to it. I remember being little and we would move all the furniture out of the room and sweep and mop. Then we'd pull the backs of our skirts forward between our legs and tuck them into our waistbands. That way no one could see out underpants. Then it was more scrubbing and scraping but in those days mom liked to sing. So we sang our heads off and laughed and were silly. It didn't seem like work that way. I remember running and sliding across those floors in our socks to help polish them. I still scrub floors on my knees occassionaly just to be sure their clean. Vivi has discovered the joy of sliding around on her socks. Tho its mostly an accident.

Barbara Allen Moore said...

I had forgotten Arlan's ornery smile! He was such a little go getter, pretty fearless. It's nice to see him again looking just like I remember.