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Sunday, December 23, 2007

He's coming to town...

Santa, that is!!
In 1969 my mother made Santa mugs for each of us, and it became a tradition to drink hot chocolate from those mugs on Christmas morning. Each mug has our name and "1969" on the bottom.

We each have our mugs now and I think they are on display at each of our homes during the holiday season. I also have Mom's and Arlan's mugs.
You know what they say about when you have 3 of something, that is a collection? Well, these three mugs sparked a definite collection for me. Over the past several years, every time I found a Santa mug at a garage sale or at the thrift store, I'd pick it up.
Then along came ebay and, well, we all know what ebay does to a person. I now have many Santa mugs, most vintage, some newer. I like to display the smaller ones on the glass shelves I have for vintage family photos. The larger ones are on a small dresser near the kitchen.
Along with the smaller cups, I have some Santa candleholders and salt & peppper shakers, and a small boot. More things to turn into a collection? I think so.

1 comment:

Bobbi and Kurt said...

It is amazing that you all still have your cups and that none of them have gotten broken. Kim and I had small santa candle holders at one time. I think I sent them home with her one year as I don't have them anymore.