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Thursday, March 13, 2008

It is Done...

The shaving of the cats, that is. They were both slightly traumatized, but only Max had to be sedated.
Why shave them? Both of them had fur so matted I couldn't even begin to comb them out. It got so bad that they'd run away if they saw the comb in my hand. That's what happens when they wiggle and roll around on the floor all the time.

Sounds like this may be an annual event - but I really am going to comb them every day if they'll let me. Sigh.


Peaceful Valley said...

I wondered why you got them shaved. Now I understand. They look cute! Have they gotten used to their new look yet? Susan in SC

Rhonda in OK said...

Thanks for the explanation, Tammy. You are the best kind of pet parent to take such good care of them.