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Friday, March 07, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Show and Tell
After talking about my crafting heritage, I decided that March's Show and Tell photos will be of some of the things I mentioned in my last post. Since I was able to dig these out of the hope chest with little difficulty, today I photographed my two ceramics projects. These are both dated 1969, so I about 8 years old when I made them. Mom was taking ceramics classes at a place in Waco (NE). It was in the basement of a lady's home, and she had shelves and shelves full of "green" (is that the correct term?) items already molded, just waiting for paint and glaze. When Mom decided that my sister and I could go with her, I was thrilled.

I remember searching the shelves for just the right project, then having to very carefully scrape and sand off the seam lines the first week, paint the second week, then glazing the third week, then finally getting to bring it home. The lady would fire our creations in-between classes. Making ceramics is not for those who need instant gratification.

The pink heart dish was my first project. I don't remember why I painted it pink, but I do remember choosing the blue spotted glaze to go over the top. I thought it was so cool how the little blue dots sort of "popped" during firing and became "soft". This dish has been on my dresser wherever I have lived, ever since I brought it home. It has a fair share of chips and dings. A few years ago I tucked it into my hope chest for safekeeping after I chipped it once again. Hopefully there will be a granddaughter to give it to one day.

The kitten has a glaze that was called "brown sugar". I think we painted the kitties white, then added the face, ears, and paws details, then put on the glaze. My sister made a matching kitty and we displayed them together in our shared bedroom.

If I ever went back and made anything else, I don't remember. Mom made several projects that were distributed to family after she passed away. This is the one piece I kept, and it has hung on my dining room wall for almost 11 years now. It is a bas-relief of the Last Supper. This, too, I hope will become a family heirloom.
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Pat said...

Hi Tammy

Those are very sweet mementos.

I have some ceramic pieces my children painted when they were young too.

Hoiw nice to have The Last Supper plaque your Mom painted.

Hugs, Pat in NY

Connie Marie said...

Green is the right term. I did ceramics too and it was fun! I even poured my own and took them out of the mold myself. It is definitely a fun thing to do. I enjoyed seeing the things you made and your Mom's.

Penless Thoughts said...

You did a very good job on those two items at that age. The Last Supper plaque is wonderful.