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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been awarded!

Last week an internet friend gave me my first blog award! I was really flattered to be included in her list of favorite blogs. Rhonda's blog is about making her home a place that makes her smile while living frugally and enjoying her family, and is one of my favorites, also. Thank you, Rhonda!
Now I'm supposed to list some of my favorite blogs - there are so many that I cannot possibly list them, but if you're one of my CHL friends, consider yourself awarded! :o)

Not much is going on around here this week - just getting ready to head for Texas tomorrow. Tonight Greg was sitting on the sofa programming the Garmin (GPS) for a map to our motel in Jasper. I leaned over the back of the couch to look at it, and guess who decided I'd make a nice place to nap? Tucker just walked across the back of the couch and up onto my shoulder, then laid on my back like I was going to stand there all night. Silly cat.

Yesterday was Tucker's and Max's birthday - they're 2 human years old now. What does that translate to in cat years?

1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

That would be 20 years, I think. Happy birthday Max and Tucker! I think Mommy should have stayed like that for you Tucker!