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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spots of Sunshine

One of the great things about the internet and blogs, is that a person can read about any subject matter that interests them. It's like having subscriptions to dozens of different magazines. Several of the blogs I read are about design and decorating. Angela at Cottage Magpie has issued a color challenge for bloggers to post photos of the color yellow in their homes or gardens, and I thought I'd play along.
Yellow is not one of my favorite colors, so when I first read about the challenge I didn't think I'd find much of anything, but kept it in the back of my mind. Over the past few days I have been able to see that there are little spots of sunshine all around me. I just had to look... I first noticed what was out in the back yard:
Yellow and orange tulips
Daffodils, of course...

The finch feeder and my favorite American Goldfinch

Metal lawn chairs that Jessi painted last summer (the rock is inscribed "Tammy's Garden" - more about that in a few weeks)
Old Tonka toys - a grader and dump truck (Garett was playing with them in the garden the other night)

Then I started looking inside the house:
A primula that desperately needs to be planted outside, but we have to wait until after the 30-something degree nighttime temps coming this weekend...

This cheery watercolor painting I purchased last Fall at Goodwill. It hangs in the bathroom.
An apothecary jar filled with lemons...

Yellow words painted on the walls in playroom (Oh! and there are yellow toys!)

And my most favorite of all, my sweet Garett in his yellow shirt. Isn't his smile like sunshine, too?

1 comment:

Lorrie said...

Pretty and cheerful yellow. Your son is adorable, that smile must just melt your heart!