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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quick Trip

A week ago on Thursday we left for a quick trip to Texas. It was a long drive for a short stay, but we enjoyed being back in East Texas where there is lush national forest. As we got nearer to Jasper, all at once there was a change in the smell of the air. I asked Greg if he noticed that it smelled like Texas now. He agreed - and he was glad to be back.
We spent the majority of our time in Jasper, a small town with the same population as York. Shortly after we arrived in town on Friday, we drove around to find the rodeo arena, and just down the street, the house where Greg's family lived when he was a preschooler. The house is gone now, but he remembers living there. So even though he had to spend his birthday driving to Texas, I think he enjoyed also spending a bit of that day remembering his childhood.

On Saturday we drove the 15 miles to the Sam Rayburn Dam and ate our lunch sitting on a park bench, looking at the water and watching the birds. It was an overcast day, the temps were perfect, the area quiet. We enjoyed the little break away from town, just the two of us.

Then back to town for the reason we were there in the first place. Last December, my nephew Caleb married to his beautiful wife Bethany in a private ceremony with just their parents and siblings in attendance. Now they were having a larger celebration for family and friends, complete with a ceremony and reception.

It was a lovely event. The ring bearer carried the same pillow that was used in my wedding in 1981, Tonita's wedding in 1986, and both Alan's and Randy's more recent ceremonies. The bride wore her MIL's strand of pearls. Her father, the preacher, pronounced them "husband and wife for the second and LAST time". :o)

The reception had tons of good food and a chocolate fountain. Let me just say, from now on, all Regier events will have a chocolate fountain. :o) (There was also a "Texas table" which is apparently a tradition down there. I offered to whip up a Nebraska table, but they wouldn't let me.)
On Sunday we were able to drive another hour South and visit Greg's uncle and his wife, Lester and Peggy. We spent a few hours chatting and laughing with them, then visited the cemetary where his grandparents and another uncle are buried. Then it was time to head home.

Five days away, four of those spent mostly driving. We were glad to be back.


Rhonda in OK said...

Tammy, I was hoping you would post some pictures of this trip. I am a Texas girl and always enjoy hearing about Texas doings.
I'm happy y'all had a great time.

Susan in SC said...

Love the fondue picture! You are so cute!