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Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Project To-Do's

I just read about the "Before and After" challenge on BooMama's blog, and decided this was perhaps the impetus I need to get moving. There are always many projects brewing in my mind, but I'm a procrastinator. Sigh.

Here's my list:
Paint and set up the guest room (remove unused exercise equipment, move in furniture, hem drapes)
Re-paint master bedroom (thought I'd live with the color I chose last summer, but not liking it at all), change curtains.
Change drapes in living room.
Paint kitchen after Greg gets done with his list (same color, just new coat)...

Here's Greg's list:
new kitchen counters
new kitchen sink and faucet
new range hood
new flooring

Can it all be done by July 25? It could.

Will it be? Not if I stay in this chair playing on the computer.

Guess I better get busy -


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