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Friday, June 27, 2008

Today in the Garden

It's the time of year when the garden changes almost daily. I thought I'd post a few photos of what's happened since the last tour.

The lilies have begun to bloom! These tall orange flowers are often called "ditch lilies" around here because they grow profusely anywhere. These are old - when we moved into the house that was originally on this property, these lilies were planted next to the garage. When we tore everything down and put the new house here, I found a few roots that had survived the construction. These are planted at the bottom of the deck steps, between the deck and garage. And yes, they are in the way when going in and out of that door, but we live with it. (See the potting bench in the background? Yeah, those are more plants to put in the ground. I picked them up in Lincoln the other day. Plants on sale = coming home with me. :o) )

These are two different variaties of asiatic lily. (I was a bad gardener and didn't keep track of plant names when these went into the ground so many years ago.)

A little collage of a few other things - the tipsy pots again, an enamel bowl planted with zinnias, and the hanging baskets a little more filled out. I love how those baskets came out and will keep notes of what I put in there for next year. :o)
The orange/yellow zinnia thing isn't my usual choice, but what a "pop" of color they bring to the garden party! My friend Susan has an enamel pan on her front porch, filled with coleus, and I loved how that looked. I knew I had a big pan in the garage - imagine my delight when I found three pans! If these work out, they'll be an annual addition - I didn't punch holes in the bottom for drainage, just filled them with about an inch of pea gravel. We'll see how it goes. The other two are smaller, and I'll show you those next time.
The tipsy pots are still my favorite thing so far this year. Every day when I pull in the driveway, they make me smile! My friend Cindy told me the other day that they make her smile, too, every time she drives past the house. Several people have asked me how to put the tipsy pots together, so I hope to see a few more displays around town in the near future. For a good tutorial, click here.
There is more, but this is long enough. Tomorrow morning, if it's not raining, I'll douse myself in bug spray and spend some time out there (yes, I think the mosquito will soon be named our state bird! If we don't spray ourselves, we get eaten alive.) The veggie garden is doing great and I am SO LOVING having fresh herbs available just a few feet outside my kitchen door! I'll share some photos as soon as I get it all weeded...

Come back soon and check out what's new in my little back yard!

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