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Saturday, June 07, 2008


I love my cats. They are members of my family. But they are also animals with instincts they can't control. And when one is accidentally stepped on by a human who is a hundred times bigger than he is, he reacts with those instincts.
On Wednesday evening I was carrying my laptop across the living room with the screen open, and I didn't see Tucker lying on the floor. Yeah, I stepped on him, fell down, threw the laptop across the floor. He yowled, bit me, and ran away. All of this happened in the span of about 2 seconds. Fortunately Tucker was not hurt, just scared. I, on the other hand, was wounded.
The bite is nasty and despite my initial first aid efforts, by the next afternoon it was glaringly apparent that infection had set in. Greg took one look at my sore, red, hot (and I don't mean sexy hot, I mean temperature hot) leg, and made me go see his mom.
Nurse Nanny took one look and told me to get to the doctor, NOW. She's not usually that emphatic, so I followed her instructions and called the clinic quickly before the on-call doctor left for the day.
This photo is what the leg looks like this morning, 36 hours after my first dose of Augmentin. It really looks pretty good and is not nearly as sore as it has been, so I think I'll live to be a grandma (that's what my mom used to tell me when I was little and had some small injury - "Oh, you'll live to be a grandma".)
Tucker is being very cautious about lying on the floor. When I walk by, he jumps up and moves. I think we'll both be a bit more careful from now on.


Susan in SC said...

(((Tammy))) Poor Tucker - he must have thought his mommy was being mean to him. Silly cat! I hope you are feeling better now. Susan

Susan in SC said...

Love your new blog design!! How did you get 3 columns? I'm jealous! Susan

Rhonda in OK said...

Tammy - I have not checked out your blog in a few days. I LUV your new design!

Yikes on your cat bite, hope you are all good as new by now.