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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bubble Frustration

I'm home now from babysitting my little niece, Taylor. She'll be two next month, "no" is her favorite word, and she can throw a mean tantrum if she wants. But she's still a sweetheart. She loves dolls and blankies, books, puzzles, and stuffed animals. We had a great time outside on Wednesday afternoon with a little container of bubbles. Here are three short videos when she was trying to do it herself:

She was getting a little wild with the container and had dumped some of it on her leg, so I closed it up. She wasn't mad for very long, because then I showed her how to log roll down the little hill we were sitting on. Thankfully, there is no video of that. :o)


Rhonda in OK said...

cute Taylor and cute video!

and it was really nice to hear your voice after "knowing" you for all these years!

Susan in SC said...

What sweet videos! Thank you for sharing these. Although, I always thought of you with a Southern accent - I imagine ALL my interent friends with Southern accents! How silly is that?!!