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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Backyard Blooms

Happy Earth Day! It was a lovely one here, with lots of outdoors time. Still cleaning out the dead, dry weed remnants from last year, but nestled in there are the sweet new blooms and shoots for this year.
Just inside the back door are many little seedlings sprouting. The red bell peppers and most of the herbs are taking their time, but everything else will be ready to move outside in a couple of weeks.

The daffodils literally burst into bloom just yesterday. I only have a few clumps of them, a gift from a former co-worker, and they're so cheerful!

These are a deep orange/yellow tulip with a black center. I love when they open up. They're a bright pop of color in the back yard.

The peonies that mean so much to me - taken from Mom's yard after she passed away. Think we'll have flowers by Memorial Day?

This little guy is a tulip, planted amidst the bachelor buttons and bee balm. I have no idea what color he'll be. Grace planted bulbs last Fall, and this looks to be the only one that came up. When I saw him today, it took a moment to figure out how he got there. :o)

Finally, my sweet miniature iris. These are planted in front, in back, and all around. They have no scent, but I can always count on them for early Spring color. These were a gift many years ago from a dear friend, and I've shared tons of them over the years since they multiply so quickly.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the Early Spring things going on at my house on Earth Day 2009. I'm so excited about this gardening season, and it's hard to stay out of the garden centers. This year I've pledged to just play with the flowers I have already and concentrate on the veggies. I will grab some annuals to fill pots and baskets, though. It'll be tough, and I keep telling myself that perhaps I can grab a few new things on clearance in July. Yeah, I can wait for July. Sure.

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Susan in SC said...

such sweet little flowers!