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Monday, January 04, 2010

Sweet pea

Just showing off a photo of the grandboy and his mom. I took this last week when they were playing on the floor. 

01-03-09 008

Bradley was three months old last week. He’s starting to grasp objects and when he happens to get ahold of something,  puts it in his mouth – his favorite thing being our fingers.

He seems to be recognizing people, or realizing when he doesn’t recognize someone. He also recognizes the bottle and opens wide when you show it to him.

The jabbering continues, cooing and squealing and belly laughing. Takes after his mom…  :o)


Susan in SC said...

So sweet!! Isn't he just a gift from God and a joy to have?!!

Karens-Korner said...

He is a cutie and I would brag too!!! Happy Sunday.