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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once again...

Yes, my computer is awaiting yet another repair, so I'm using Greg's laptop for a few minutes each day to try to stay caught up on email and such. Greg is going to attempt the replacement of the piece on my laptop where the power cord plugs in, but it'll be Wednesday or so before the part arrives. The computer shop wants $120-200 to fix it, and I just cannot justify putting that much $$ into a four and a half year old computer. Isn't that sad? Well, I'll either have my laptop back by the end of the week (fingers crossed) or will have to keep on stealing a minute here and there on Greg's until a new one comes along.
In the meantime, there are projects to work on around here that seem to get done quicker when there is no computer distraction. (Funny how I'm able to prioritize, huh..) One of those projects is finishing Bradley's bedroom, which has been the playroom for the past few years. Closet rearranging, furniture painting, and wall treatments will all happen. The toys will still be accessible for all of the kids, but the room will be his until he and his mommy get a home of their own.
Anyway, please wish us luck that my DIY handyman husband is able to figure out how to fix my computer, and stay tuned for updates on project progress!

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