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Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Play

Last Saturday we had the kids here all day to play. The weather was beautiful and they spent some time after lunch out in the yard, climbing the snow hills.

1-19-10 030

1-19-10 031

1-19-10 033

Each of them got a spray bottle filled with colored water to “decorate” the snow. 1-19-10 025

I purchased “ironing spray” bottles at “SprawlMart” – they cost a little more than the ones in Health and Beauty, but I figured the volume difference was worth it. We only refilled each bottle once and they played over an hour with them. Be prepared to use a lot of the liquid food coloring in each bottle so the color shows up on the snow. I purchased the store brand at a little over a dollar for the four colors.

1-19-10 022

This activity not only fosters creativity, but teaches cause and effect, and is a good one for small muscle control. We had a little lesson in social development also when they had to choose to settle a dispute without squirting each other with the colored water. :o)

1-19-10 023

I love my decorated snow spots around the front yard. 

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