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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back to the Past

I was browsing photos on my computer today, and remembered a photo that Aunt LaVerna and I talked about yesterday.  This photo was taken at the nursing home in Henderson of my great-grandmother, Susanna, with me, my sister, and our cousin Jackie. I remember when it was taken, though I don’t know why Alan isn’t in the photo since he’s just 6 weeks or so younger than Jackie. Perhaps it was just a “girls” photo?                                        great grandma regier

Tonita, Great Grandma holding Jackie, me

One of the things LaVerna brought to me yesterday was a copy of a front-page newspaper article about Great-Grandma Regier’s funeral services. Her funeral was 45 years ago today. 

She was born in 1880 and married in 1899.

Here she is with her family circa 1912. She would have been 32 years old.

Old Regier (Grandpa's family)

(The littlest guy is my grandfather, Ferdinand.)

Her husband was Abraham. The eldest boy is Dave, the other boy is Paul. The girls are Olga and Anna, but I don’t know which is which. Dave was 10 years older than Grandpa, then there were two more children to come, Verna and Ruben. Ruben was 10 years younger than Grandpa, and was the youngest child. He’s currently the sole surviving sibling from that family.


The only thing I remember about Susanna was going to visit her in the nursing home, where she had lived since I was a year old. I don’t recall interacting with her at all, but I was pretty little.

Uncle Wendell told us that people called her husband “Abraham-Suz” because he was married to Susanna, and his father’s name was also Abraham (who was married to Sarah). That’s how they knew who they were talking about. It’s little things like that that I love knowing about. :o)



Susan in SC said...

I love your famiy pictures. One day Bradley will look back on the pictures you are taking today and explain to his grandchildren who everyone is. :)

Jan A said...

Olga is on the left and Anna on the right.