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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grace Makes Rainbows

Last Saturday the kids spent the day here. While the boys played Wii, Grace and I made some Rainbow Cupcakes for a spot of sunshine on a very gray and cloudy day.

The recipe is posted here. It’s from Family Fun, one of my favorite magazines for fun things to do with kids.

Essentially, we mixed up a white cake mix, divided and colored the batter, then layered it in cupcake papers.

Grace had never held the hand mixer by herself before:

3-17-10 001

She did a great job and followed all of my instructions so we didn’t get cake batter all over the kitchen.

Here she is putting one of the last layers of colored batter in the cupcake papers. This was a tedious process, but she was very patient.

3-17-10 006

After they cooled, I frosted and she decorated. She used jelly beans and rainbow sprinkles.

3-17-10 010

Garett was kind enough to show off the inside of his cupcake for the camera. They actually were a bit more striped than this shows.

3-17-10 011

Isn’t it pretty?  They definitely brightened a dreary day!



Anonymous said...

What fun cupcakes, and Grace is such a patient baker. I always love a rainbow of any kind!

Melanie said...

Cool cupcakes! And I can't believe how big Grace is now. Seems like not too long ago, she was just a baby...