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Friday, September 10, 2010

Cat On a Hot Asphalt Roof

The other day I walked outside just as Tucker was readying himself to jump from the back deck rail onto the garage roof. Really? Is 4 cat years really like 12 human years and I’m dealing with a headstrong young boy who knows no danger?!

He barely glanced at me before hopping up onto the roof, then sauntered to the peak and laid down. Then he just watched the birds fly around and cars drive by. I’m thinking to myself, “The cat laid down on the peak of the garage roof. If he can’t get down, I’m NOT going up!  Good thing the fire station is just down the alley so I can call for them to rescue my cat…”  09-05-61 011

Of course it wasn’t necessary to call for rescue. After a few minutes Tucker sauntered down and hopped back onto the deck. Then he scolded me – for what, I’m not sure, but he was quite serious about it.09-05-61 013

Max watched all this while lying on the deck step. He was not about to get into any trouble…

“See Mom? I’m the GOOD cat!”

09-05-61 014

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