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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Use the Fork, Brad

A couple of days ago I gave Brad a little fork to use with his lunch, and noticed that he was using it to eat. Had to get out the camera and get a video. Guess that put the hex on fork usage…  Anyway, here’s a short video of him having lunch and me encouraging him to Use the Fork, Brad.


Anonymous said...

Brad is soooo adorable.. watching
him eat with his hands holding the fork.. sure brought a smile to my face..
I so enjoy your pics of him..


Heidi said...

How adorable!!! I liked seeing him dance. :-) He does know that fork goes in his mouth but I bet he thinks it is quicker to just pick up that food. He will be using it before you know.

Hugs from Holland ~

Susan in SC said...

That fork just was not as good as his fingers! He is precious! I love the dancing!! I love to hear your voice too!

Anonymous said...

Love the dance moves :o) Fork will come later........just too cute!!
Barb D in NE