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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Summer Revue

It has been awhile since I caught up with you all here. I hope someone will read this and that you haven’t given up on me since my last post a couple of months ago!

‘Twas a busy summer, and Bradley has kept me running for most of it. When he took off walking at 8 1/2 months old, I knew I was in for trouble. Not the way I’d planned to spend the summer, but no complaints here. It has been an enormous blessing to watch him grow and learn.

Instead of me writing a novel to catch up on the past few months, lets do it in pictures, shall we?

Went to Sioux City to celebrate Reese’s first birthday,

05-23-10 009

and Taylor’s third birthday.

05-23-10 007

Took Randy’s kids to Little Diggers:


Greg built a new swingset for Bradley:

07-01-10 014

We took a field trip to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo:

07-07-10 017

There was blue rock shooting (Ben, Alan, Nick),

07-11-10 009

and target practice:

07-11-10 018

Of course there was swimming!

(Brad and Jess)

07-12-10 015

(Taylor)07-12-10 037

(Taylor, Grace, Reese)

07-12-10 043 and Abbie stayed a few weeks.

07-12-10 079

We took Abbie home to Texas where we enjoyed our first visit to Joe’s Crab Shack…

08-03-10 002

At the county fair, Bradley fell in love with the baby chicks in the FFA animal tent:

county fair 11a

At home, he LOVED sweet corn!

corn fed

We got to know Scott a little better.

s & j wedding dancing

Let’s not forget the flowers

08-03-10 062

and the vegetables in the garden. Bradley has become an accomplished tomato-picker!

09-05-61 042

So there you have it, a glimpse into what has been a fun and busy summer around here.

I have several projects planned for this autumn, and there will be fun galore with the grandboy as we prepare to celebrate his first birthday in a few weeks. I hope you’ll stick with me as I get back into the blogging groove!



Rhonda said...

sweet story with pictures
and your family genes sure make cute, cute children.

Terri said...

Have checked by regularly and will keep reading dear friend. Bradley has so much hair! How big the little ones are getting...Lovely photos of your family. Enjoyed reliving your summer with you.