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Monday, May 30, 2011

New from Old

Good Monday Morning! I’ve so enjoyed having Greg home for this long weekend. He took Friday off from his job which gave him a four-day weekend. We’ve completed a few tasks and had some fun as well as some good family time. make_do_and_mend

Ah, but that is not what I want to tell you about today. Besides being  Memorial Day, it is “Make Do & Mend Monday” where my friend Heidi encourages us to make-over, re-cover, re-invent, re-purpose things we have around our homes to make them useful and/or beautiful again. I have a few of these types of projects in the works around here, but my first was relatively quick and simple.

A few years ago I was gifted an old iron crib that belonged to my grandparents. It was used for awhile as a daybed/display area in the master bedroom, but it really took up more space than we liked, so I disassembled it recently. I’ll make use of all of the pieces, but one of the sides has become something completely new.

Here it is, standing on end. Do you see what I see? It would be a great place to hang more towels in the bathroom!

05-30-11 034

There is little storage in this tiny bathroom, and while I would like to put in a cabinet for towel storage, it just would crowd the room more. There is also a “regular” towel rack on the wall, but it doesn’t hold all of the towels I want to store in that bathroom.

As you can see in this next photo, the ends of this piece have a small “loop” and you would think that would make it easy to mount on the wall:

05-30-11 039

The problem is that it is turned the wrong way to hang flush. I considered using several options, and decided to just put hooks in the wall and hang it from the frame instead.  Those yellow arrows are pointing out the hooks that I hung it on.


You can’t even see them. I think this is the smartest way to hang it, too, since once the towels are hanging there, it is heavy.

I really like the way it looks!

05-30-11 044

Incidentally, those hankies in the frames next to the crib piece, belonged to the same grandmother. I love having little pieces of her in my home.

If you click on the link above or the Make Do button, you’ll go to Cranberry Chronicles where Heidi has listed more Make Do & Mend participants in the right-hand column. I “know” all of these ladies and they are all resourceful and talented in using what they have to make their homes cozy and welcoming. Go see what they’ve done and then take a look around your own home. What can you make new again?


Rhonda said...

Hi Tammy
I've never seen framed hankies and I love them!
I like you new towel rack too, at first I thought you were just going to prop it against the wall and knew that would not work with Brad around.

I know you will enjoy your pretty bathroom. These long weekends are wonderful, aren't they?

Heidi said...

A great re-purposing! Now I bet you might be able to think what I saw when I looked at the rack...a great quilt ladder. :-) I love it used in your bathroom. And it is that much more special knowing it is a family heirloom. I look forward to more make do and mends from you in the future.

Hugs from Holland ~

Susan in SC said...

Very pretty! The rack is perfect in your bath and I think the hankies are very pretty as well!