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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Day Play

One of Bradley’s favorite activities is to play in anything he can scoop and pour and stir. I’ve talked before about making colored rice and how much he enjoys playing in it. I’ve always set him up at the table in his booster seat and given him a cookie sheet as a play area. The other day, I put an old tablecloth on the floor and set out the rice and various “tools” there instead. This became a combination small/large muscle activity as he played and crawled around the tablecloth.

Yes, I still vacuumed up some of the rice, but it wasn’t bad. It’s pretty easy for him to help clean up the rice that ended up on the tablecloth.

Here’s a little video of him playing. As usual, I talk to him as he plays, describing what he’s doing, always working on those language skills.

I love the look on his face at about 1:36 when I’m talking about him taking the lid off and putting it back on the spice bottle. Like he’s humoring me that he’s done something neat and unexpected.


Heidi said...

How cute! He is having a great time with all those containers to be able to put that rice back and forth. How old is Bradley now?

Hugs from Holland ~

Rhonda said...

love Brad's huh?

this is a great idea, G and E do love their sandbox but we can't always go outside either.
Isn't it funny how they like the recycled containers more than the real toys too?

Melanie said...

You are so creative when it comes to doing fun activities with children! Love how Brad keeps saying, "Huh?" when you ask him something. :-)