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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot Roddin’

A few weeks ago, when I first became a member at Pinterest, one of my first pins was a photo of a “pimped out” Little Tykes car. It was just a couple of days later that Greg and I were making the Saturday morning garage sale rounds and found an old Little Tykes car for $5. Jackpot!

Greg had chuckled at my excitement over the little car, yet as soon as we got home, he broke out the spray paint. DSCN0729

Yes, you can see he painted the front before he even washed it. He was pretty excited about this project.

So I left the color choices to Greg, I just said I’d like to put flames on the sides. He chose a black exterior and cherry red interior.  We considered painting the wheels with a shiny metallic silver spraypaint, but a couple of the inserts were cracked and broke when the wheels were disassembled for cleaning and painting. So the entirety of each was just sprayed black.


Nick came over one afternoon and drew the flame stencil, but there was not photography of that process allowed. He sprayed the driver’s side door, showing me how to shade the yellow, orange, and red paints. This morning I was able to get back out there and paint the flames on the other side.

Doesn’t that look spiffy? Jess likes it so much she’s asked if we want to overhaul the fairly new Little Tykes car that Brad has at their house. We’ll wait and see how the paint job fares on this one. It’s already scratched where the door opens and closes.

I do know that if we find another old one, we’ll bring it home – Greg wants to do a cherry red exterior and black interior version. I wonder if some pinstriping would be warranted on that one. (We did find another car at a garage sale a week ago, and Jess and I joked about running down the street to get it, but it had a sold sign on it already.)

We gave the car to Brad this afternoon and he couldn’t wait to get into it!

Paint details: black and cherry red Rustoleum for plastic. Flames were painted with regular Rustoleum spray paint. Flame stencil was hand drawn after consulting photos online.

I want to put a skull and crossbones on the back end, and now that I look at the photo, I’m thinking we need to add some headlights to the front. I guess our projects are never really all the way done…


Rhonda said...

oh, that is just too cute!
we saw the same car, very faded as well, at our neighborhood sale a few weeks ago and of course NOW I wish I had bought it. Then I thought it was too dull.

Bradley will have so much fun with his hot rod. I think he is going to have fun doing projects with grandparents too.

G and E do play together amazingly well considering they are only together 1 day a week. Thankfully they both have sweet natures about them and I hope they stay that way.
Lately, I have made an effort to have 2 of anything that they will both be interested in.

Nancy said...

First, thank you for giving Heidi the cute idea for decorating the upside down garden. I love it and what a great idea it was.
That little car look so cute. You are very creative people. That little guy looks very happy.

Dawn said...

That is an amazing makeover. It looks like a brand new car. I am sure it looks even better since you only paid $5 for it.