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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Boys


Max:Just some current photos of the kittens - now called "the boys" (just like my brothers!).
They've readjusted to being home after spending more than a week at the vet's. I love that they've been de-clawed, though I hated doing it.
No more scratching on the furniture or my legs. . .


Barb M said...

How I miss my kitties and dogs! We're looking for a small acerage so we can have animals and big gardens. The formal picture of you and Greg is wonderful. The photographer caught you both perfectly. Now I have to add a cruise to Alaska to my list of things yet to do, all your pictures are terrific I printed a few off and may do a few more. I see them in watercolor as future projects. Say hey to the boys, both man and animal. Love to all.

Heidi said...

Tucker and Max are really growing Tammy. You can see them getting older in the face. Enjoy "the boys"!