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Monday, August 14, 2006

Hello from ALASKA!

We're wearing long sleeves and light coats, and it is WONDERFUL! Words cannot adequately describe the beauty of the landscape here. The mountains with waterfalls, bald eagles flying around everywhere, whales playing in the water, small icebergs floating around, glaciers in valleys, the list goes on and on. Greg is standing on our cabin balcony right now trying to photograph a sea lion playing and feeding in the water near our ship.
Yesterday WE WALKED ON A GLACIER! It was amazing!
The food is bountiful and mostly delicious. I've tried some new things, including sushi. Of course there is seafood aplenty at dinner each night. Tonight is our second formal dinner and the dessert buffet at midnight.
Randy caught a 10-pound salmon on his fishing trip, but Angela had to show him up and catch a 20-pounder!
Randy also won the slot machine tournament in the casino and won $500 cash! We all sucked in the blackjack tournament. Everyone played except Ang - Greg and Alan were "on the board" for awhile, but got knocked off early on.
Tons of photos to show everyone when we get home - along with some short video. Better go now - I'm paying for every minute I'm online.

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Bobbi and Kurt said...

The cruise sounds wonderful. Glad you are enjoying yourself.