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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Glorious morning

I'm loving the cooler weather and cannot wait to spend tomorrow outside - whether it's in the garage because of rain, or out in the garden pulling weeds. Autumn weather energizes me!
This photo is of my morning glories, taken this morning. They are all volunteer - each year they reseed themselves under this fence and by late August they are lovely.


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Hey those morning glories are beautiful! You might like to try some Larkspur as well. As the flowers dry out they create little cup like holders where seeds lay. Just shake the stem and the seeds will fall on the ground and regrow the next season. Larkspur gets about 3-4 feet tall and has lovely purple flowers. One of my newspaper ladies has them and showed me what to do. They bloomed all late spring until about a two weeks ago then they started to dry up. I'm hoping to plant some next year.

Bobbi and Kurt said...

I have morning glories that are wild too. I have the same color as you and also a pink color. We have them growing on our fence and it looks nice. Your pictures of the cruise look wonderful.