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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good day

Nice breeze, lots of sunshine, and one of my favorite kids here most of the day. Got lots of laundry done, swept out the garage, and cleaned up the back sidewalk.
Along with terrorizing the cats, messing up the computer (easily fixable), feeding grapes and a glue stick to the cats, and generally being very busy. :o)
Next week he starts preschool at Head Start - he's gonna love it!

1 comment:

Barb M said...

Hey you got that much done? I'm barely getting the dishes washed and the garden watered. How does one tiny little 2month old have the ability to whip my butt? I can't seem to get anything done. She's sleeping in her swing, her favorite place to nap, right now so I'm taking time to check emails and blogs (yours and mine) but as soon as I start writing she'll wake up. We have yet to play the climb Nana game today so it's on our schedule. Trash is taken out and dishes done, watered the gardens and now I'm grabbing a few on the computer. I'm breathless! And thus her dulcet tones ring thru the house, have a great day!