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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Birth day

Today would have been her 62nd birthday. I miss her.
I wish she could see how great my kids grew up, and how wonderful my marriage turned out to be. I wish she could know the rest of her grandkids - how intelligent and funny and loving they all are. I wish we could have seen her grow old - white hair and wrinkles, being a Grandma and Great Grandma.

I am glad for all she taught me - how to cook (she really said to me, "A GOOD wife will never serve a TV dinner to her family for supper!" - little did she know I'd marry a man who LOVES TV dinners!), how to keep a home clean and welcoming, sing songs to comfort and entertain, instill independence in my kids, and how to love my family.

Happy Birthday, Mom.


kathy said...

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady, I am sure you miss her and if she had a choice she would be with you,but she needed to go and live in Heaven with some other loved ones also. And do know that she sees ALLLL. Love to you sweet one.Love you, K.

Barb M said...

That's my favorite picture of your mom and whenever I think of her, which is often, she was my favorite aunt,friend & confidant, I see her as she was in that picture. She wore her hair like that for a very long time and sometimes it was longer. I think of her cheerfulness even when working at Holland House and sitting with her on her breaks just so we could talk. My memories of her are about her laughing, dancing and singing in her living room in the house near the skating rink. I'm crying now as I think about all that we've missed but also all that she was to us. She loved with her whole being not just in parts. I miss her so much.