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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Play date

Garett and Grace were here yesterday. It went well and we got lots of playing done! :o)
They are 20 months old now and each very independent.
As soon as they came in the door, the kittens took cover. Grace spent a good part of the day stalking Tucker, and was saying his name pretty clearly by the time she left. At one point I found her pulling his tail to get him out from under the furniture.
We got out Jessi's Little Tykes dollhouse and she was in Heaven. Furniture and people and a little car to drive around. Doesn't get much better than that. :o)
Garett mostly ignored the kittens, choosing instead to amuse himself with pouring the cat food in his lap, then running his fingers through it. Tactile experience, yes, but smelly. I'm just thankful he didn't eat it!
He also took all the pillows off the couch and used them to cushion his diving practice on the floor. Then he thought my tossing pillows on top of him was the best fun! :o)
Oh, and there were a few photos around that had Randy in them. Grace was always amazed to see him and would point and say "Daddy!". I'd say, "Yes, there's Daddy." Until she pointed to the antique print of Jesus on the dining room wall and said, "Daddy!". Okay, I was laughing too hard to answer her.

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Barb M said...

Robbie used to eat the dog food. I asked the Dr. what I should do because no matter when or where I put the dog food he'd find it. He wa cutting teeth and liked the hardness. The Dr. said that it wouldn't hurt him. And eventually he quit eating it because he began to understand that it was "the doggies food". Thank goodness.