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Friday, September 29, 2006

Please don't eat the daisies...

Tucker just loves the daisies. He was all over me while I was trimming them up. Then, he'd sneak onto the dining room table and inch his way over to the vase. I'd head over to get him, and he'd snatch a flower petal, jump down, and run away.
I moved the vase onto the kitchen counter and he jumps up there now. Argh!
See the photo frame on the counter? Yeah, it's broken. He was chasing a fly and jumped off the table to catch it and knocked a bunch of pictures down.
Yesterday I had to shut him in the bathroom while we had supper - he really wanted a fajita!
He's a naughty kitty. Greg calls him "the bad one". I feel like the mom in the "NO, David" books. He's going to think his name is "No, Tucker"...

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Barb M said...

We had a striped cat named Blackie. She loved to eat my plants. Her favorite was the poinsettia. I was told that it was poisonous so she shouldn't eat it. No matter where I put that plant she found it and ate it. So finally I just let them be and they lived happily ever after until she ate it all gone.