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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wonderful Last Night

We went to Omaha and saw Eric Clapton at the Qwest Center last night. A much different concert from Bob Seger. Mr. Clapton is not one to interact with the audience much, a "thank you" after several songs, but that's about it. He just got up there and played. Oh, did he play. This man doesn't just play his music, it flows from him. You don't just listen, you absorb it.
I didn't know most of the songs he played during the first half of the concert, but it didn't matter. It was great music.

Then he played "Wonderful Tonight" and the rest of the songs were old favorites. He played "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", "Layla", and then the encore songs were "Cocaine", which lasted over 10 minutes, and "Crossroads" where he was joined by Robert Cray.

Robert Cray opened for Clapton, and I enjoyed his set just as much as the rest of the concert. I'll be looking for some of his music to buy.

I'm put up a short video on YouTube of the first couple minutes of "Wonderful Tonight" - you can watch it at the bottom of this post. The photo above is what we saw - we were sitting way up high...

Even though this concert was much different from what I expected, it was still awesome. I am so glad to have gone. The lady sitting next to me agreed that there aren't too many artists we'd pay this much to see, but Clapton left no hesitation.

I did think of one more - Peter Frampton. I'll be looking for him. :o)

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