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Friday, April 27, 2007

More Dental Drama

Yeah, more trouble with the root canal tooth. Had to have another repair done today on the "fake" part. Jessica told me to tell him, "This has reached the point of ridiculousness. Just pull it!" I had to laugh.

Then, I went to the office. There was a woman in the waiting room who I've known for several years. Her adult daughter was in the exam room with a root canal tooth gone bad, and the dentist was trying to pull it. (he didn't do the root canal - a Boston dentist mucked it up.) Anyway, she was really in pain, and we all heard her yelling, then crying, then SOBBING. Yes, sobbing. I felt so bad for her, and so much did not want to walk down that hall myself. They finally decided to take her to surgery later in the afternoon and pull the tooth under general anesthesia, and she and her mother left.

All tolled, I was in the chair for only 15 minutes or so, and the tooth was fixed. No way I was asking him to pull it.

When he got done, he told me there was no charge for the repair today and I told him thank you.

Then I said, "Thanks for not making me cry."

He replied, "Thanks for not making ME cry." :o)


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Just a bit of advice from a root canal person. That tooth is now basically dead so watch what you eat because even a small peice of something semi hard can crack it in half. Thats what happened to mine. I was eating a peice of whole grain bread and little bit of seed caused the tooth to crack right in half. I lost half of the tooth that day at the dentists and the other half a few weeks later. They wanted $3000 to repair and replace the tooth. So far no tooth.

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh Tammy! I am going through this as of last night. I had a filling of a root canal fall out (my fault for eating toffee) in November. Now last night, the little bit of tooth there cracked and fell out this morning. I just told Jos I am going to have a dentist pull it. I am not paying the money to have it rebuilt and crowned. I need the money for other things. LOL! I have had it with going to get it fixed. I have to wait till June to get in. I hope this new dentist will be okay. I am so scared now, I will sometimes throw up after I have been. No fun!