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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prom Remembered

During my spare time this week, I've been working on some scrapbooking, putting together pages about my high school years. I don't have many photos, and many of the mementos I kept have no meaning because I didn't journal about why I kept them... So my high school scrapbook will be lean, but I will have saved what little bit I do have.
Last night I put together 3 pages, and two of them were about my Junior Prom. As I worked, I looked at the dates to document that on the pages, and realized that my first prom was held 29 years ago today. Yikes!
Prom was pretty simple back then. My dress was a Gunne Sax (I LOVED that dress, and I still have it!), I think I paid $60 for it, which was quite an investment for me. No special jewelry, no fake nails, and I did my own hair. Greg was my date, and wore his suit and his platform shoes.
We had a delicious dinner in the courtyard at the Camelot Inn, then danced downstairs. The theme was "Grand Illusions/Come Sail Away" from the Styx Album. The album cover was recreated by an artistic classmate as a wall mural and was incredible.
We went to a party after, then had breakfast at a friend's house.
What fun - but you couldn't pay me to be in high school again! :o)


Barbara Allen Moore said...

My junior prom was pretty special. I had a store bought dress, which was unusual since I preferred sewing all my own clothes. I felt like a princess! It was held at the York city auditoriam. But....the janitors had waxed the floors thinking that it would be real nice and shiny for us and for pictures. Well we fell down alot! Finally everyone took off their shoes and stockings and socks so we had some traction for dancing and danced the night away. What a night. I'm glad yours was so wonderful too!

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Oh I forgot, they put down sand on the dance floor area too. Talk about falling down. Sand on wax who'd a thought it.