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Friday, April 13, 2007

Never borrow from your brother...

I've been going through old scrapbooks and photo albums this week and rediscovering some childhood treasures. This particular art piece came to me from Alan, a.k.a. "the Greatest" (and he obviously had some help from Tonita - the comments surrounding the beautiful sketch).
I had borrowed his winter gloves for some reason or other, I don't remember, but it was only for a few minutes. He must've needed them while I had them on... I found this "anonymous" note in my room shortly after.

How can a girl help but feel special when her siblings go to so much effort to communicate with her? :o) I'd like to say this was a one-time event, but Alan must've gone through a phase of needing to draw my picture. There are a few more. I'll share those in the near future.

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