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Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have a rose bush that usually blooms with white roses. This year, they are blood red. What happened?
I'm posting these photos for Lesley, my friend from England. She is a phenomenal gardener and I think I'm correct when I say she has a special affinity for roses. The first is the usual color. This photo was taken last summer.
The second is what is blooming right now. They are beautiful, but what happened to the white ones?


Lesley said...

Tammy, you make me blush! LOL I have to say that I have no personal experience of roses changing colour, and all I can think of off the top of my head is that your white rose was grafted onto the rootstock of a red rose, and it is the suckers from the rootstock that are now flowering. Probably not much help to you, unless you can see any of the grafted rose remaining above the graft, in which case you would have to cut the red rose stems off as close to the rootstock as possible and hope that the white rose starts to grow again.

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Well next year maybe they'll be pink! That's what my peonies did many years ago. I think Lesley is correct about the grafting tho but I wouldn't cut them off I'd wait to see what next year brings unless of course you want only white roses. I have to say that it'd be exciting to see something bloom a different color just for the mystery of how it happened! Hi Lesley!