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Monday, June 18, 2007

Being Crafty

I had to wait to post these photos of Ben and Abbie decorating bowling balls. They made them as a surprise for their parents. I made one, too, so Tonita snapped this photo just before they left last night. (I wasn't unhappy, she just took the picture before I was ready. :o) ) We used GE Silicone II (in a caulking tube) for the glue. The kids each chose their own stones. I used some glass pieces I purchased last summer.

(Grace just loves these - she calls them "pretties" and rubs her hands over them again and again.)


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Question: Where do you get the bowling balls?

Patty said...

umm...why do you decorate bowling balls? What do you do with them?

Tammy said...

I answered both Barbie's and Patty's questions to each of them personally, but thought I'd go ahead and do that here, too. I got some of my bowling balls at garage sales, a few from the local clothing bank (donated to Blue Valley, but they have no use for them), and some from the local bowling alley (discards they couldn't use anymore).
As for what we do with them, I use them as decoration in the garden. They add little spots of color and interest.