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Friday, June 08, 2007

My other roses

The other two rose bushes are blooming now, and both are the correct color. :o) The yellow is from my co-workers when my dad died. The orange rose was a mother's day gift a long time ago. The one that bloomed red last week, also has some white buds, so I'll get the correct color roses after all.


Barbara Allen Moore said...

Your roses are beautiful! I had several more peony bushes this year thanks to last years clearing out the honeysuckle but...they didn't flower very much. Last year I had the whole house full of vases of peonies and this year I got 1 nice vase. The gardens are doing well and the planting is halted for now. But I have plans for a new spot tommorrow!

Barbara Allen Moore said...

I was recently dead heading some Vinca's and Panseys which are in pots in my front yard. Vivi was with me and just doing Vivi stuff. After a few minutes I looked down and she had "dead headed" all the blooms off the flowers in the large pot tha sits on the ground and was reaching for the pot on the next shelf up. So some of the flowers had lovely blooms and some were simply lovely. We need to discuss the dead head thing again i guess.

Msrobin said...

You do a wonderful job photographing your beautiful flowers! Everytime I try to take a close up shot of mine, it comes out blurry. Do you think I might actually read the directions that came with my camera? LOL