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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

It's official.

She's no longer a teenager.

As of 3:21 p.m. today, the girl is 20 years old.

Born on a Tuesday, 6 days overdue. Labor and delivery full of stress and drama, but everything ended up okay.

When she was newborn, I called her my "angel baby", convinced I could never be mad at her. Ha!

She has provided our family with spunk - she's the risk-taker, the one who makes me cringe with worry. Sometimes with good reason.

She's also brought laughter and fun.

She's compassionate and kind and loving.

She knows all the words to the classic rock songs we love, and we crank the car stereo and sing our lungs out together.

She steals my library books and (gasp!) reads them!

She's creative and dramatic and musical.

She can quote almost the entire script of a movie after having seen it once.

She is still finding her way in the world and I feel privileged to be along on the ride once in awhile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite grand daughters!!!!

Love Nanny