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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cabela's Adventure

We fulfilled one of Ben's dreams today when we took him to Cabela's near Omaha. When we first walked in the store, the greeter wanted me to apply for a Cabela's card. I told her no thanks, that we live 100 miles away and just brought the kids to see the store. She gave us each free tokens for the laser shooting ranges instead. :o) We walked through the aquarium and Ben knew which fish was which without looking at the signs.

Then we went back to the shooting range and each took a turn shooting at the fake animals. Greg won a free turn. We can't figure out why. Ben and I each had more points than him, but he got a free turn. :o)

Then we found the animal display and had fun finding all the little hidden creatures.

Ben and Greg shopped while Abbie and I took a sit-down break in the cafe. We could have eaten bison, ostrich, or several other kinds of exotic meats if we'd had lunch there. Instead we chose to share a piece of chocolate cake. :o)

Now Ben REALLY wants to go to the Cabela's near Forth Worth, so be prepared Tonita! :o)


Bobbi and Kurt said...

If you have time, Ben might enjoy the Bass Pro Shop in Council Bluffs. We thought it was much better than Cabelas in Omaha. There is also a Famous Dave's across the parking lot, so that makes going worthwhile.

Barbara Allen Moore said...

We have Cabela's here in Kearney. It isnt the super store like Omaha but it is enjoyable. One year for christmas Robbie wanted a certain arrow for hunting. I wrote it all down and went shopping. It was so confusing! I finally asked for assistance from a very nice guy, he took my note and handed over the arrows chuckling all the time. Rob was happy and I learned alot about arrows. For a person who basically loves living outside I do enjoy Cabela's.