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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Catching up - again - this is long...

Sometimes it seems there is nothing to blog about, then life gets crazy busy and I don't have time to blog all the fun.

Just before my last post, I went to Maryland with Alan, Randy, and Jessica. We attended the 2007 Motocross of Nations at BuddsCreek.

Our motel was in Colonial Beach, VA, and only a city block from the Potomac River. There was a large pier we went out on and watched people fish. One guy pulled in an eel, about 10 or 12" long. He tossed it in his cooler to take home to eat. (Um, eww...)
We flew into Washington D.C. and we took the Metro to the Mall where I got to show the boys some of the monuments. When I was last in D.C., five years ago, the Archives building was closed. It has since reopened, so we were able to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Very COOL.
After about 4 hours of walking, paying $5.50 for a hot dog, and getting a sunburn, we took the metro back to the car rental place and headed for traffic gridlock. Took us two hours to go about 4 miles. Fun. Not.
We spent Saturday and Sunday at BuddsCreek at the track. It was hot and dusty, but the track was beautiful, the bathrooms had running water and AC, and we got our t-shirts first thing. The bad part was that my shoes gave me blisters and that was the only pair I'd brought along. I spent a great deal of time barefoot at the track, but still had to wear flip-flops for a week after we got home.
You can see some of the photos taken at the track here. I'll be adding a few, and making another album of D.C. and other miscellaneous photos after I get Alan's, Randy's, and the rest of Jess's pictures.
So we flew home on Monday the 24th. On Tuesday I was exhausted and slept most of the day. Turns out I was getting sick. Spent Wednesday and Thursday pretty much as a slug with a head cold. Worked at the theater Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday nights, slogging my way through.

By Monday I was feeling some better, still had a cough, but was well enough to start my new part-time job at Fitness Worx. I'm working the 5 - 8 a.m. shift at the front desk. Yes, that was 5 A.M. (though I really have to be there by 4:45). Yes, I'll still work at the theater since neither job interferes with the other. Anyway, I tried to keep busy during the day after I got home so I wouldn't be tempted to sleep.
Monday night I taught my Freezer Cooking class for Community Ed. It was a small class, but went really well. I like when there is a lot of conversation and sharing of ideas.
Worked Wednesday night at the theater, then Thursday night I babysat Randy's kids.
By Friday afternoon, I was more than happy to snuggle into the sofa cushions for a wonderful afternoon nap. Did it again today, too. :o)
Tonight I'm not feeling too great - I think I may have that tummy bug the kids had last week. I wish they wouldn't be so willing to share, but I love them anyway.
Tomorrow will be Greg's first day off work since late August. I think he plans to sleep most of the day. :o)
(The photo is Jess, Alan, and Randy walking next to the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial.)

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