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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween helpers

Randy's kids ended their Halloween trek around the greater York and Polk county area by coming to my house. After taking photos of costumes and me giving them their treats, they helped hand out candy to the kids who came to the door. Last year Wyatt was afraid of them, but this year, when the kid with the bleeding "Scream" mask came up the steps, Wyatt thought he was cool!

At first, Wyatt would hold out the candy basket and say, "You want candy?". :o) Pretty soon, Garett was handing it out while Wyatt held the basket. Definitely video moments, but the battery on my camera died after taking a few photos. :o(

Anyway, here are the boys, handing out some treats. Grace was safely ensconced on her mommy's lap, watching with interest, but not getting close. The little boy they're treating is from our church, but since he doesn't belong to me, I've obscured his face.

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