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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

(Randy, Arlan, Tammy, Alan, Tonita)

I'm very behind in my blogging, but wanted to share this "Blast from the Past" from the Regier kids' photo archives.
This was taken after the Halloween party at the York Community Center. I think the CC had just opened that Fall. Alan won a prize for most creative costume. We all enjoyed ourselves. Halloween was a huge deal for us. We usually would trek down to Hested's and pick out one of those cheap, hot, suffocating plastic masks with the rubber elastic that wrapped around your head (see everyone but me in the photo has one - I was a hippy and got to use make-up...).
Then we'd have to bundle up in our winter gear to walk around the neighborhood. We usually carried pillowcases for our candy, but I remember taking brown paper grocery bags, too. I think we got those plastic pumpkin buckets once or twice just before the last time I went trick or treating.
We had tons of kids in our neighborhood, and most of the time we walked around in a large group. We'd hit every house that had a porch light in a 2 or 3 block radius, then one of the grown-ups would load us all in a car and take us to the other side of town for a little while.
After we got home and inventoried our stash, we'd go to bed. Then Mom would rifle through our bags and take any and all full-sized candy bars. She'd hide them away and put them in Dad's lunches for the next few weeks. Grossly unfair, yes, but that's what she did. I don't think we suffered any because of it - there was plenty of stash. My favorite was always homemade caramel apples and homemade chewy popcorn balls. Yum.
I don't expect many kids here tonight. The number of trick or treaters is less with each passing year, but I have a big basket of candy already sitting by the door, waiting for them!

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