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Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's raining again today. After watching the news about Atlanta and the water shortage there, I'm sure not going to complain about the rain. Yet. But this area is +8" for the year in rainfall. I think we're good. The rain can go away now.

I don't like when it's so dark during the day, and opened all the shades to lighten up the inside of the house a bit. This little guy is what I saw when I pulled the shade in the bedroom. He's been there for hours, just snuggled up in the wet grass.

Tomorrow and Saturday are supposed to be nice, but I think we're going to have some cold weather next week. Might have to turn on some heat then. I mentioned at work that I hadn't turned on the heat at home yet (after complaining about melting at work) and they called me "Menopause Woman". I guess that's better than some other things I could think of...

On Tuesday I bought a heated mattress pad for our bed. After sleeping on a heated water bed for 26 years, we made the switch to a regular mattress last June. We're not so much loving the cold bed when we first get in. I got a dual control, so my side will just be warmed before I climb in, then I can turn it off. Greg can put his on "roast" and be toasty all night. Anyway, I told Greg that night, "I bought you a present today!" Now it could have been ANYTHING, right? You know what he said? "Is it a heating pad for the bed?" Yeah.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear you are having such heavy amounts of rain. Too bad you can't share it with the south huh? You had a wonderful treat though in seeing that adorable rabbit in your grass.

~~ Heidi ~~