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Friday, April 27, 2007

More Dental Drama

Yeah, more trouble with the root canal tooth. Had to have another repair done today on the "fake" part. Jessica told me to tell him, "This has reached the point of ridiculousness. Just pull it!" I had to laugh.

Then, I went to the office. There was a woman in the waiting room who I've known for several years. Her adult daughter was in the exam room with a root canal tooth gone bad, and the dentist was trying to pull it. (he didn't do the root canal - a Boston dentist mucked it up.) Anyway, she was really in pain, and we all heard her yelling, then crying, then SOBBING. Yes, sobbing. I felt so bad for her, and so much did not want to walk down that hall myself. They finally decided to take her to surgery later in the afternoon and pull the tooth under general anesthesia, and she and her mother left.

All tolled, I was in the chair for only 15 minutes or so, and the tooth was fixed. No way I was asking him to pull it.

When he got done, he told me there was no charge for the repair today and I told him thank you.

Then I said, "Thanks for not making me cry."

He replied, "Thanks for not making ME cry." :o)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Belated Birthday Wishes

Things have been so crazy this month that I'm playing catch-up on my Happy Birthdays. Ben turned 13 on the 12th, and Leslie's birthday was the 2nd.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prom Remembered

During my spare time this week, I've been working on some scrapbooking, putting together pages about my high school years. I don't have many photos, and many of the mementos I kept have no meaning because I didn't journal about why I kept them... So my high school scrapbook will be lean, but I will have saved what little bit I do have.
Last night I put together 3 pages, and two of them were about my Junior Prom. As I worked, I looked at the dates to document that on the pages, and realized that my first prom was held 29 years ago today. Yikes!
Prom was pretty simple back then. My dress was a Gunne Sax (I LOVED that dress, and I still have it!), I think I paid $60 for it, which was quite an investment for me. No special jewelry, no fake nails, and I did my own hair. Greg was my date, and wore his suit and his platform shoes.
We had a delicious dinner in the courtyard at the Camelot Inn, then danced downstairs. The theme was "Grand Illusions/Come Sail Away" from the Styx Album. The album cover was recreated by an artistic classmate as a wall mural and was incredible.
We went to a party after, then had breakfast at a friend's house.
What fun - but you couldn't pay me to be in high school again! :o)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Never borrow from your brother...

I've been going through old scrapbooks and photo albums this week and rediscovering some childhood treasures. This particular art piece came to me from Alan, a.k.a. "the Greatest" (and he obviously had some help from Tonita - the comments surrounding the beautiful sketch).
I had borrowed his winter gloves for some reason or other, I don't remember, but it was only for a few minutes. He must've needed them while I had them on... I found this "anonymous" note in my room shortly after.

How can a girl help but feel special when her siblings go to so much effort to communicate with her? :o) I'd like to say this was a one-time event, but Alan must've gone through a phase of needing to draw my picture. There are a few more. I'll share those in the near future.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter wishes

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter holiday full of worship, celebration, family togetherness, and lots of chocolate! (Except for Sara and Angela - I don't wish you any chocolate. :o) )

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wonderful Last Night

We went to Omaha and saw Eric Clapton at the Qwest Center last night. A much different concert from Bob Seger. Mr. Clapton is not one to interact with the audience much, a "thank you" after several songs, but that's about it. He just got up there and played. Oh, did he play. This man doesn't just play his music, it flows from him. You don't just listen, you absorb it.
I didn't know most of the songs he played during the first half of the concert, but it didn't matter. It was great music.

Then he played "Wonderful Tonight" and the rest of the songs were old favorites. He played "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", "Layla", and then the encore songs were "Cocaine", which lasted over 10 minutes, and "Crossroads" where he was joined by Robert Cray.

Robert Cray opened for Clapton, and I enjoyed his set just as much as the rest of the concert. I'll be looking for some of his music to buy.

I'm put up a short video on YouTube of the first couple minutes of "Wonderful Tonight" - you can watch it at the bottom of this post. The photo above is what we saw - we were sitting way up high...

Even though this concert was much different from what I expected, it was still awesome. I am so glad to have gone. The lady sitting next to me agreed that there aren't too many artists we'd pay this much to see, but Clapton left no hesitation.

I did think of one more - Peter Frampton. I'll be looking for him. :o)