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Friday, January 11, 2008

Front Door Decor

All of the Christmas decor is packed away and the house is clean and fresh-looking. I love/hate the starkness of the house in the aftermath of removing holiday decorations. I love the clean look, but hate the seeming coldness.

To warm up the front door, I dug out Dad's old ice skates and hung them up, along with a floral swag. Then I took the big wreath we bought from Hannah (school band fundraiser) and added a large wooden snowman. Right now that hangs on the North end of the deck, in front of the magnolia tree. Makes me smile when I drive by on my way to the Post Office.

I wish I had some history to share with you about the ice skates. They were in a heavy cardboard box, wrapped in newspaper from 1972. I'm pretty sure they haven't been used since before then, but don't really remember any stories about Dad ice skating. Wendell? Eugene? Jan? Any of you have any information?

[The only story I remember about Dad and ice was in a card he got when he was sick, from an old school friend of his. This friend talked about the two of them riding their bikes down the middle of the frozen river, going around a bend and finding the river NOT frozen, and their scramble to keep from riding right into the water. I'm pretty sure Grandma never knew about this! :o) ]

What do you have on your front door/porch to warm up the winter blues?

1 comment:

Peaceful Valley said...

Tammy - how touched I was that you used your dad's skates on your front door! It brought a few tears to my eyes! Very nice!! ~Susan in SC