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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Year of Savings

I have two words for you, people: silcone caulk. This stuff has been my best friend today as I putter around the house fixing this and that. I have to admit it's even better than hot glue! (Anyone remember when I hot glued all the pictures to my walls in the old house? No nail holes and they mostly just popped off the wall when I was ready to take them down. Or they fell down when they were done being displayed...)
Back to the magic silicone caulk:
First, I was able to seal inside the frame of the kitchen window where I noticed a cold breeze the other day. Easy fix, no more leaking window.

Then I reattached a wooden snowman's wooden nose. He's had a nose attachement problem since I won him at a Mycogen Christmas party years ago. Hot glue didn't work. Silicone caulk has so far (yes, it's only been two hours, but I'm optimistic.)

In the bathroom I have reattached the little rubber thingy that goes on the wall so the doorknob doesn't dent when the kids whip the door open too hard.

There are a few other things I've used it for, but I'll get to the frugal point of this post. Besides the leaky window, which is important, I got the caulk from the garage this morning. It was frozen solid. I dug out the new tube I have in the house, figuring I was going to have to sacrifice more than half a tube of silicone. Then I read the storage directions (yeah, should have done that before I left it in the garage, I know) and the instructions only talked about not storing near heat. Hmmm... So, in the interest of saving $$, I left the tube on the counter for several hours. This afternoon it was thawed and ready to go and has worked great. I will keep it in the house from now on, though, so I don't have to wait for thaw-time.

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