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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pay It Forward

I recently signed up for a PIF on my friend Rhonda's blog. "Pay-It-Forward" in blog world is where a blogger offers to send something she has made to three readers who in turn, promise they will offer a pay-it-forward on their blog in the future. The first blogger has one year to send the handmade items.
Rhonda is an empty-nester like me, and is a wonderful seamstress (unlike me). She made me this sweet apron (in my favorite color!) that is reversible. I like to wear aprons when I do "big" cooking, like a holiday meal or a freezer-cooking day. I especially like this kind of apron that goes over my head and covers my entire front. I will get much use out of this gift, and the best part is that I'll think of Rhonda whenever I put it on. :o)
Now for your part. I'm offering to send a handmade item to the first three readers who leave me a comment on this post. In turn, when you recieve my gift, you promise to keep this PIF going and post this offer on your own blog.
C'mon and join the fun!

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